The Beginning

19366340_10211907082466793_7569517712346848524_nSometime last summer I decided to apply to The Open University to study for an MBA (Technology Innovation).  It was something I had wanted to do for years … and November 2017 seemed like the right time.

The reality of working, family, two small children and studying has been challenging, but a challenge I am relishing facing!  It’s been quite a few years since I graduated from University and I have been incredibly nervous about writing essays.  Although a huge plus since I left University is the improved technology … I remember typing my dissertation up on an electronic typewriter!!  And I can go to the library without leaving my dining room!

The MBA (Technology Management) fits with the industry I work in and the experience I have in product innovation and development.  BUT it is also something I enjoy … helping companies use innovation for growth and improve profitability in a very competitive global market.

This blog is to record my thoughts, observations, notes and learnings on my MBA journey, and other parts of my life.  I like to run very long distances (although its a bit more difficult to fit it in with all the studying) so no doubt that will appear in a post sooner or later.

But don’t worry … it won’t be all my thoughts and observations, no one wants to read those – particularly when its trying to work out which child needs to be at what activity and when!